March 2, 2024

Useful learning resources

Cloud Academy – Is a premium service that offers excellent hands-on courses for all Cloud platforms and topics. Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, Alibaba Cloud, AI, containers, Kubernetes, web services, functional programming, databases, security, architecture patterns and more.

Azure Tips and Tricks – Offers lots of very useful information in the form of blog posts and videos.

Udemy AZ-303/304 revision course – This is a good course to purchase on Udemy if you are revising for the Azure Architect exams. It covers all the material for the exam and is constantly kept up-to-date. Scott Duffy’s presentation style and explanations are high quality.

Pluralsight – Great premium service covering a wide range of topics including Cloud. Provides video tutorials from industry experts and multiple choice tests to measure your knowledge. I’ve been subscribed to this service since the beginning of my career and it has taught me valuable skills over the years. Highly recommended.

Code Academy – Free hands-on in-browser coding tutorial on mostly front-end technologies. It also offers premium content where you can work on mini projects and problems. Excellent resource for those who learn by doing.